Monday, February 28, 2011

A Flicker

"Shine" is my word of the moment.

Addison Road recorded a remake of the old Sunday School standard "This Little Light of Mine" - I hear it on the radio every morning on my way to work. It sounds better than it did in Sunday School, no offense to anyone.

This Sunday we sang a song I had never heard..."let my life light up like the city lights..." (Christy Nockels). That caught my attention.

I've heard it mentioned in sermons, read it in my devotional and tonight - there it was again in my reading..."God's grace shines......"

So I'm starting to see a pattern and at the same time, I'm needing a theme for my blog. Then the light bulb goes on! (OK, it's only a 20 watt bulb, but the economy's a little tight.)

I'm not sure how I'm going to shine, but this is my beginning. I may need to trim the wick now and then, or change a few bulbs - but I'm not in charge of that. God can make even a dim bulb shine.


  1. I am often aware that I am a "dim bulb" every sense of the phrase!

    Looking forward to reading your blog often my friend...and proud to be your first official comment :^)

  2. Love that you're blogging! You are an awesome writer!

  3. This is a great theme and I love how you write! Look forward to more posts!