Saturday, March 5, 2011


This idea will really me.

I've discovered a great way to get in a work-out, while also checking things off your to-do list. It combines cardio, strength training, endurance and stretching. It doesn't involve crunches, resistance bands or stability balls. It gets you outdoors, but you are protected from the elements. This is so exciting - are you ready??

Drive a manual transmission, mid-sized pickup with manual windows and door locks.

That's it. Really.

First of all, that manual transmission really works your leg. Unfortunately, it only works the left leg. But there is some ab work going on when you've got the clutch partly released and you haven't found the sweet spot where the clutch and gas connect. Try holding that longer in intersections.

Pushing the gear shift around is great strength training, especially when you can't find reverse. You can push and push all you want and that thing just won't budge. But your muscles will be bulging before too long. Again, this is a one-sided exercise, as it only works your right arm.

Ahhh, but there is an alternate workout for your left arm - rolling down your window. It's best if the window sticks slightly, giving more resistance to your arm muscles. Here's another great ab bonus: Rolling down the window while holding in the clutch, right foot on the brake - that takes stability.

As an added bonus, you will also be able to sweat off those pounds even if you don't perform the window exercise. Because it is nearly impossible to roll down a window and shift the car, the chances of rolling it down while driving are very remote. You will just have to sit and sweat until you come to a stop.

Stretching is always very important and it isn't overlooked with this workout. When your passenger door is locked and your passenger wants in, you will S--T--R--E--T--C--H across the seat to unlock that door. Be sure to remind your passenger to lock the door every time they leave the car, so that you will get all the benefits of the stretch.

"But wait" you say, "how does driving a car give me a cardio workout?" It turns out that cardio isn't done in the car, it's accomplished by getting out of the car and walking.

Because this car is not at all fun to drive, you won't drive to every storefront at the strip mall. You'll be very happy to get that thing in any parking space you can maneuver and then just hoof it to all the stores. You may also spend less because you don't want to carry all those bags with you while you shop...although more bags means more weight lifting.

I have tried this plan and can guarantee it works. Driving a manual transmission mid-sized pick will certainly reap you some health benefits. I think I might even know of a mid-sized pickup that will be on the market soon....don't delay. Call now.

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